EAA62 Young Eagles Program

The Young Eagles program is sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association. It is designed to expose young people, ages 8 to 17, to aviation by providing free rides in small aircraft flown by experienced EAA members. You can learn more about the program at the Young Eagles website

Throughout the year individual EAA members give Young Eagle rides to kids they know. Many Chapters also hold Young Eagles Rallies where lots of kids come to get their first airplane ride and are matched up with willing pilots.

EAA62 held its first Young Eagles Rally during Reid-Hillview Airport Day in September of 1992. That day we flew 42 Young Eagles. Since then EAA62 has given over 2500 Young Eagles airplane rides. If you are a Young Eagle you can find your name in the World's Largest Logbook.
Upcoming Events
EAA62 will hold its next Young Eagles rallies on

Jun 15   -   Reid Hillview (map)

Jul 20   -   Reid Hillview (map)

Aug 17   -   Reid Hillview (map)

Sep 28   -   Reid Hillview (map)

Oct 19   -   Reid Hillview (map)

Flights start at 9am and end at 1pm.
EAA62 Young Eagle flights take place in a wide variety of aircraft types and sizes. The itinerary of each flight can vary depending upon the preferences of the individual pilot. But most flights are in an aircraft that carries from one to three passengers. The flights usually last from 20 to 45 minutes. Flights will ocassionally stop at other area airports so kids in larger airplanes can exchange seats so all get a chance to ride up front. Parents get to meet with their child's pilot before the flight and to accompany their child out onto the ramp while boarding the airplane.

All Young Eagle rides are given by licensed private pilots, in aircraft inspected and certified by the FAA. In addition to the Young Eagle rides, EAA Chapter 62 offers one or two all-expense paid scholarships to attend the Air Academy in Oshkosh. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, interested in aviation, and would like to apply to the scholarship, go to the Air Academy page.

For more info on Young Eagles send email to Contact: YE coordinator or call Russ at (408) 257-9125 or (408) 421-8437 (cell).

Rod Machado wrote a wonderful article in AOPA magazine outlining the virtues of exposing kids to aviation.

Sign-up for your free flight

Registration forms will be available at the events but we prefer if you pre-register online.

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