Pilot Links

Flying Technique

Bibliography for the 5/6/2010 FAA WINGS seminar on mountain flying.

Places to fly to

http://www.angelfire.com/ca2/dcra/index.html: The Double Creek Ranch Airpark

Foreign Places

http://www.geordiehill.co.nz/: Fly in New Zealand
http://www.hanksaero.com/: Flying Safari in Southers Africa

Buy and Sell Aircraft

http://www.aircraftbargains.com/: Buy and sell aircraft, mostly certificated
http://www.aso.com/: Aircraft Shoppers Online.
http://www.projectaircraft.com/: Buy and sell projects and parts
http://www.aircraftsuper-market.com/: The market for new and used experimental and ultralight aircraft/

Real estate

http://www.aviationhomes.com/: Mostly east coast listings.