Web Links for Builders


http://kitairplaneforum.com/: Kit Built Aircraft Forum - information for builders
http://www.homebuilt.org/: Very comprehensive site of links for home builders.
http://www.matronics.com/rv-list/: Email list for RV builders.
http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/: Discussion forum for home builders.


http://aircraftdesigns.com/: Aircraft Designs Inc (Martin Hollmann) offers books, programs, videos, and classes.
http://www.rotorway.com/: Rotorway, learn about the Exec
http://www.velocityaircraft.com/: Velocity Inc./
http://www.bd17.com/: Bede's BD17 Nugget/
http://www.partenairdesign.com/: S45 Mystere is a composite two seater tandem airplane


http://rotaryaviation.com: Rotary Engines
http://www.deltahawkengines.com/: Delta Hawk diesel engines
Learn all about Shell's aviation oil
http://www.jabiru.net.au/: Jabiru Engines
http://www.subaruaircraft.com/: Subaru Aircraft Engines
http://www.powerflowsystems.com/: Power Flow Systems, Inc. - tuned exhaust system

Software, Electronics

http://www.e4i.com/lapmap2000.htm: Moving map for your GPS
http://www.asa2fly.com: IFR training software and courseware
http://www.aspenleaf.com/palm: Flight software for palm and laptops
http://www.echoflight.com/: EchoFlight - produces 'affordable' cockpit electronics
http://www.rkymtn.com/: Rocky Mountain Instruments - digital altimeter, airspeed, engine monitor etc.
http://www.tunelab-world.com/rpmwindows.html: RPM from Sound - free software to measure prop rpm with your laptop.

Parts and Tools

http://www.aircraftfast.com/: Aircraft Fasteners, Inc. - all the nuts you need./
http://www.preciseflight.com: Precise Flight, Inc., Bend, Oregon, standby vacuum, pulse light and more.
http://www.gami.com: GAMI, engine STCs (injectors, baffles, electronic ignition, etc)
http://www.oregonaero.com: Foam Seats
http://www.thetoolwarehouse.net/: Tools, tools, and tools.
http://www.leadingedgeaircraft.com/airlite1.html: Landing Lights
http://www.homebuilt.org/vendors/vendors.html: An index of links for parts and services for home builders.
http://engravers.net/main/ac_products.htm: Engraving for panels, acionics face plates etc.
http://www.gs-air.com/: Aircraft LED lighting