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05 - 31 - 2015

Late in 2008, we put all the parts on a trailer and drove to Redmond, OR. It gets cold there. We parked the trailer in the snow Sunday evening, drove through the fog and icy road everyday, and came back with the trailer driving over ice and destroying a couple sets of chains.

The 1 week build shop costs a few bucks, but it saves building jigs. And, you get an airplane that's structurally complete with adult supervision, which is sort of nice. It's basically 5 days of sand, flox, eat, sleep and repeat!

We arrived in Redmond on a cold, clear day. That didn't hold

This was more typical - fog and ice, every day for the week

Sam sanding the bonding areas for the wing assembly. Note sealant already installed

Detail of the slosh tank and baffles. The tube is for the aileron pushrod; The bracket is for the speed brake box

Justin and team have the Hysol spread out and are bonding the wing top skin

Sam applying the leading edge reinforcing tapes to complete the wing assembly

Sam and Brett floxing the main spar reinforcing plate

Elevator ready for assembly on the jig. Note balance weight installed

Andy cleaning up flox when bonding the wing center section to the fuselage

Justin and Andy installing the horizontal stabilizer in the jig

Almost done - last piece is the aft fuselage/rudder skin and some reinforcing tapes

Last step is to cut off the rudder with the air-Dremel tool

Back on the trailer - just a 3 big pieces this time

Back to sunny California (after a couple of new chains!)

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