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09 - 6 - 2006

Things have moved along well. The baffling was fabricated, painted and installed. Brian Stout did a much appreciated inspection. Only a few things were found wanting. Barry Turner did a transponder/static check which, amazingly, went fine. Otherwise, I've spent a couple of days going over all of the hardware again.

So today, Don Barnes helped me on the first engine start. YES, it fired up and ran first time. Checked instruments and taxied back to the hanger.

Next thing is Legacy flight training, but Lancair's Legacy is down for an engine change. Not sure what the plans will be, or when I'll move to Hollister.

Dick Ogg making some excellent teflon/stainless hoses in his shop

FAA Registration finally happened! Good thing I had the right Tee-shirt for the occasion

View of right rear baffle and blast tubes

Left front baffle with relocated oil cooler

Weight and Balance. 1385 pounds, CG is good

Cockpit, with stuff installed for weight and balance

First time out in the sun, for a gathering of Legacys

Claudette, Steve and Don inspecting. Note clecoes

Finally, baffle seal

With the cowl fasteners and everything installed, it really looks complete

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