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Andy Werback's Legacy Project : Yes, it's still today

06 - 25 - 2006

But things have just been really busy, so here's a little more. Now that the avionics shelf has been installed, I've tried to finish off the panel wiring, fit and refit the intercooler box, wait for hoses, install the carbon cowling hinges along the sides of the top and bottom cowling. Hooked up a battery and so far everything powered up properly, lights flash, flaps move, gyros turn, no smoke.

In the process of wiring all the circuits to the main connector on the panel.

This is how the air inlet/filter/alternate air door are supposed to look. For demonstration purposes only

Same thing from the outside. Thanks again, Don, those pieces were very helpful

The battery box finally has a use. Ground block is also installed, along with straps to the engine, engine mount and nose gear

Installing the tee-handle and cable for the oil door. It gets a layer of BID to make it pretty

On to the air box for the intercooler. I had to rework this like 3 times. (This is how the shop normally looks!) I will be using some baffling material to allow for movement

After all the debris has been cleared away. There's got to be an easier way

With most things put together, it looks like this! The rework around the crankshaft opeing is to make the front of the cowling flat to the prop spinner. I had about 1/8 inch skew to correct

Installing the carbinge along the sides. There are little cutouts in the nose for the pins

This is something that's been bothering me for some time. The canopy is really hard to open (nothing to grip), even after sanding a few tight spots to get some clearance to the fuselage. Graham Nutt's idea (via Valin and Allyson Thorn) slightly refined does the trick! Yes! You've got to do this if you're building a Legacy

Finally, we have the question of where and how to mount the oil cooler. Where is aft of #3 cylinder, sort of a compromise with in front of #2 (easier to mount, shorter hoses, but less air). Functional? Hope so. Elegant? Not really. Probably going to be some further discussion!

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