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05 - 14 - 2006

Tuesday, 9 May. Ron called - said we had an engine. It's ready. It's been run on the test stand for 4 hours. We drove down to La Verne and picked it up. Went over a lot of stuff with Ron. Looks great, everythings in place. What a nice, complete facility. Thanks, Ron, Stuart, and everybody at Performance Engines.

The next day we went to the hanger, lifted it off the truck and onto the Legacy. Mounted the nose gear. Temporarily mounted the starter gear and propeller so I can see how the cowling will fit. Well, there's not a lot of excess space, but now I can see where to place things on the firewall, get the hose and control cable dimensions, and move forward!

Yow! 11 Months. Thought it would never end.

Ron Monson and Max making final preparations at Performance

Thanks, Ron!

Sam getting ready to steady it up on the firewall

2 bolts in... I sure hope there's enough space to work on the firewall with the engine in place, cause it's going to be a long time before I take the engine off!!!

My main objective is to get weight on the nose gear and let the aircraft flex a bit

So, there it is - top with fuel and ignition distribution

Bottom front, induction air comes from the intercooler (left side)

Lookin in from the right side, turbine inlet and outlet

There's not a lot of extra room under the cowling

But I think it will fit. How to get the baffling in there is something else...

Maybe that's a better overall picture?

And another view. Intercooler on the left, single exhaust

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