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10 - 4 - 2005

It's been sort of monotonous the last couple of months. We did take 2+ weeks off for good behavior to visit Australia and New Zealand, but then back to bodywork. It's pretty much finished, at least for now. Everythings been sanded and gone over at least once. A thin layer of fiberglass has been put over the built-up areas (leading edge, for example) to protect it.

Then, on to the priming. It's easy enough to get it on using a roller (can't spray here), but getting it sanded down and smooth is just plain tedious.

One last step is to install homemade exhaust shields

And as long as everthing is progressing, now's a good time to install the firewall blanket

Here we are applying the micro BID to the leading edge of the outer wing

Sand and prime, prime and sand

And this is just to get all the pinholes filled

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