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Andy Werback's Legacy Project : Closing out the wing center section

07 - 14 - 2005

This was the last major assembly before doing the rest of the body work and installing various systems. Since the engine will take awhile, it's good that there's a lot to do, still.

Fitting the instrument panel - so that the canopy closes and I still have some room for knees, etc

Hoping for an engine soon...a few months would be good

Making a mess removing enough flox to get a good fit with the top skin

Measuring the adhesive for the wing skins the old fashioned (tried and true) way

Don Barnes (N508DB) Wetting the top skin with Hysol

Sam Werback wetting out the spar

Hysol/flox is just about ready...

And on she goes

A few weights, some clecoes, and it's time to clean up the squeeze out

Same procedure on the left wing

Enough for one day, but that enables a lot more to get done

Such as adding the wing root fairings, part of the Legacy Innovations kit

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