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Andy Werback's Legacy Project : Landing Gear and Major Decisions

06 - 16 - 2005

The last month or so has been a mixed bag. The main focus was on closing out the wing center sections, but that means wiring, fitting the landing gear fairings, anything that can better be done with full access to install nutplates, brake lines, etc. I received and started to install stainless/teflon brake hoses instead of polyflow/tygon.

There were a few recent significant events -

- Received the engine mount!!

- Aligned the main and nose gear, drilled the bolt holes (I hope I got this right!! It rechecked good)

- Ordered an engine - 220HP Angle Valve from Performance. Originally, my plan was "simple, tested", but 180HP just wasn't going to be a satisfactory solution. This TNIO-360 also has dual CDI and an intercooler

- Ordered a panel - prebuild avionics only, from Aerotronics. I will do the rest of the wiring.

Other than that, the goal is still to get the center section done and closed out. There's lots to do while waiting for the engine and figuring out a plan for the baffling.

Flap motor, position sensor and relays. Tested with wings and flaps, but will be fully installed later

Now for the landing gear fairings. Lots of touchup micro/flox and some rework required

Add a little Zolatone after installing tiedowns for wiring, ready to do wiring

A little extra - a flap position sensor

Setup and install the fairings

Align and drill nose wheel fairing mounting holes

A little rework on one of the covers, get ready to install nutplates

Left main is ready to install nutplates and bond the strut fairing together

Everything is level and centered to set the main gear toe-in. Verry Carefully, then drill the bolt holes

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