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Andy Werback's Legacy Project : Wing Center Section

05 - 10 - 2005

Thanks to Don, Mike, Rick and Sam, we put on the wings for the first time. Yes, they did fit. They came right off in order to install the aileron idlers. Now they're back on to install the flaps. The focus here is everything in the wing center section - landing lights, fuel, wiring, brake hoses, flaps, landing gear trunions, etc. Once that's done, it needs to be inspected before putting on the wing top panels.

At this point, the tail surfaces are pretty complete - counterweights have been adjusted, all hinges are lined up, BID and micro are "done", I think. Still need to do the trim servo wiring.

Wings are on! Ready to work on fitting out the wing center section systems

Detail of fuel line tubing assembly. No cracks or rough edges

Floxing in the landing/taxi light assembly

Fuel line has been installed and secured

Aileron idler is installed on the main spar, landing gear trunions reinstalled

Flaps fit pretty well, a little high at the wing root, but they move smoothly

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