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Andy Werback's Legacy Project : Start tail, get main landing gear

02 - 28 - 2005

This was a busy month. Finally received main landing gear legs and trunions and installed same. Started on the Legacy Innovations fairing kit - elevator leading edge is first. Resolving discrepancies in the nose gear kit. Installed the wing tip lights and did a release to fit and cover the gap around the light base.

A lot of elbow grease was used this month and last month getting the rudder to fit. Had to remove the lower end of the rudder and rebuild it to fit the fuselage

Check the nose gear kit to see what's up

Check the fit for the main leg, set the angle

Looks like it should work

The nav/strobe is installed with nutplates, and a micro release is done around the edge

The elevators have almost a 1/4 inch gap inboard - add foam to build a base for micro

The first Legacy Innovations fairings go on - this is the flap hinge fairing

Then the horizontal stab fairings, along with a little foam to build up just aft of the fairing

The elevator and trim tabs are cut to allow movement of the rudder, the ends have foam/micro to make them smooth

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