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Andy Werback's Legacy Project : NACA Inlets, flap setup, speed brake covers

01 - 30 - 2005

This month focused on some basic assemblies, getting the controls partially installed, doing the NACA submerged inlets (check the NASA web site - lots of studies available in their historical records!). Building the flap center hinge, building fiberglass shaped speedbrake covers (instead of flat metal plates)

The eyeball vent is set up with a release and then the nutplates were installed

The outer cover is faired in and the inlet itself is faired in. Just a copy of some excellent work I've seen elsewhere

The flap bearing support is make from phenolic and BIDs, lined up to get free movement with the flap torque tubes

The cover is make from BID and shaped foam. It weighs less than the metal plates and should be invisible after paint (but still removable if necessary)

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