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Andy Werback's Legacy Project : Closing the tail, seat Installation

10 - 28 - 2004

While the wings were curing, we went back to the fuselage/tail. The horizontal was installed, and the left side of the vertical stab was closed out. After that had cured, we cut the rudder along the hinge line and installed the leading edge of the rudder. Finally, we bonded in the seat rails. A pretty fair amount of progress for 2 weeks!

Installing the horizontal stab in the jig

Prepping for the closeout of the vertical stab and rudder

We've removed the fuselage from the jig and are cutting off the rudder. Shouldn't I be the one wearing the respirator?

Sam, Tom and Marcus applying the BID tapes. Nice job on this BID and the horiz stab BIDs

Detail of installing the seat rails. Didn't have time for this to cure before loading on the trailer - sure is hard to get the clecoes out when the flox has cured

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