EAA Chapter 62 FAQ

Find Chapter 62: Mothly membership meetings are in the Terminal Building and Board meeting are in the Amelia Reid conference room in the Terminal Building at Reid-Hillview Airport. Here are directions to the airport.

Email: All email addresses have been removed from the public part of the Web site. The point of this is so that crawlers can't find your email and add you to junk mail lists. At most places where you would expect an email address, like here, your mouse cursor will display the actual address (bottom line in Netscape). If you click at that point, your mailer should pop up. But this mechanism only works if you have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

More Email: There are now email addresses for officers @ eaa62.org. So you can send email to "President", "VicePres", "Secretary", "Treasurer", "Membership", "Newsletter", "Website", "Calendar", and "YoungEagle", all are @ eaa62.org. Mail sent to these addresses will get forwarded to whoever currently holds that office. It is easy to add new names to this list and your suggestions are welcome.

Email Problems: Links to email addresses only work if your browser and your machine know how to send email. If you're only using a web interface, such as yahoo, to send your mail, these links won't work. In IE you can right-click on the link and select "copy shortcut". You can then paste the email address into your web email tool. Unfortunately, this is rather cumbersome. If your internet service provider has given you information about an outgoing SMTP server, you should be able to setup outlook (express) to send mail from your machine.

Email group: There is an email distribution list available to all chapter members. Check out the info on how to join and post messages. Even though you may have listed an email in the roster, we will generally not send broadcast email to members - that's the purpose of the email list.

Members-only Section: Certain parts of the web site require a password in order to protect member's privacy. Your last name will the user name and your national EAA number will be the password. This is the same as for the national site. The server will now set a cookie in your browser so that you will not have to reenter your password for one year. If you have a problem send email to the Web Master

Browsers: I'm testing these pages with Firefox 1.0, Opera 8.0, and Internet Explorer 6.0 If you find some egregious formatting problems on your browser, let me know which page causes the problem on which browser and which operating system.

Missing Information: Some information you're looking for is not here or some information is wrong? Complain! That's the only way this will get fixed.

Too much Information: If you are concerned that some of the information on these pages impacts your privacy, speak up. Note that the roster is accessible to members only. The information you can get from the roster is only as good as the information you put in. So please, help us keeps things up to date - updating your information should only take seconds.

Builder's Log You can use our site to maintain a builder's log of your project. This involves taking pictures of your work and writing explanations of what you've done. All of this can be downloaded by yourself in a reasonably painless way. Check what's on the current builder's log and tell your webmaster if you'd like to create one of your own. If you would like to get setup to use this feature, email your webmaster.

Shop and Swap You can offer to buy and sell personal aviation related items on the web site. Follow the show and swap link and you can add your own for sale or want ad to the site.

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