Andy Werback's Lancair builder assist presentation
February 3, 2005 , Photographs by Andy Werback

My brother Norman working on the canopy/fuselage interface during the first build week
Andy doing more sanding. Note the detail in the fuselage as it's provided to the builder
Fitting the inner canopy frame frame to the fuselage
Fitting the canopy to the inner frame
Bonding the canopy to the inner frame
After sanding and prepping the elevator, applying flox to joint the elevator top skin
Horizontal Stab and Elevators in jig to cure
Inspecting the wing prior to bonding the top skin
Adding BID to leading edges of elevators
Clean the wings
Making a good impression. Things move fast when getting ready to flox
Wing has been wetted, floxed and the top skin is in place. Adding weights and cleaning up
Mixing the flox for the other wing
Bonding the wing center section to the fuselage
Setting up the tail in the jig
Bonding in the horizontal Stabilizer
Sam, Tom and Marcus doing the vertical stabilizer BIDs
Detail of the seat installation
Loading up for the road
Marcus and Brett - Lancair Staff. Thanks, Guys!
Unloading at Reid Hillview
Great to have hanger space
Kit building goes pretty fast!
Getting the shop set up
Lots left to do

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