Impressions from Golden West 2005
June 4, 2005 , Photographs by Wolfgang Polak

Sunrise over the war birds
Time to get up
Tom is ready for action
Camp 62 still quiet
Nothing moves yet
A couple of CJ-6s showed up early
Two antiques
Sea Fury waiting for action
The B-24 gave some rides during the day
B-24 close-up
Some modern hardware
Turbo Legend - another showed up later
Van's latest
You don't need a runway if you have real tires
Representative from the Hiller museum
Here's one fancy prop...
Ford powered - picture just for Jack B,
What's that?
Lots of LSA AC, here the CH-601
The CH 701
Cutie, designed in Germany, built in Ukraine
Aerobatic? It had a 5-point harness.
and more LSA
P96 Golf 100

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