AeroDynamic Aviation Membership Benefit

Thanks to the generosity of Zdravko Podolski, members of EAA Chapter 62 can train and rent aircraft at AeroDynamic Aviation at their regular rental rates without purchasing a membership. This offer is intended for the occasional flier and block discounts are not available unless you become a member of AeroDynamic Aviation. For frequent fliers it will be advantageous to become a member and take advantage of the block discount.

There is a one-time offer, good till the end of this year (2011), that allows current members of EAA62 to purchase a regular one year membership at AeroDynamic Aviation at a 50% discount ($175 instead of $350). If you already are a member of AeroDynamic Aviation, you can still take advantage of this offer and extend you membership by one year at the discounted rate.

EAA62 membership cards (proof of your chapter membership) are available on our web site Follow the "print ID card" link under the "members only" menu.

Check out the list of available aircraft and instructors.

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